Alpha Packaging, Inc.

Alvarez Guitars

American Soybean Association

Baisch & Skinner, Inc.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater St.Louis

Carrolltan Bank

Cofactor Genomics


Express Scripts, Inc.

Flashes of Hope

Global Granite & Marble

Hannibal Regional Healthcare

Holmes, Radford & Avalon, Inc.

International Floral Distributors

Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc.

Lococo Fine Art Publisher

McGraw Hill

Metro Imaging

Millipore Sigma

Missouri Botanical Garden

Nestle Purina

Paulo Products Company

Reed Rubber Products

Shaw Nature Reserve

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Tacony Corporation

The Normal Brand

UniGroup, Inc.

Union Pacific Railroad

“You not only rose to the challenge, you flew over the bar making a potentially disastrous situation into a work of art… Photographers of your caliber are an asset to any art director. You and your staff always seem to bring something extra to the party.”

“You are nothing short of amazing…how do you see what you see?  I look at the world and see things, you look at the world and see art. Even the hardiest ‘Thank You’ doesn’t do justice to our appreciation for what you’ve done. The website is wonderful…”

“Thank you, Dan, for generously giving again to brighten the lives of children with cancer. I’ve just processed your images and they are GREAT!! Families will love these pictures and treasure them for a lifetime! We really appreciate you giving your time and talents to make our mission a success!”

“Dan, you made us all look good! Thank you very much, not only for some great shots, but also for a good dose of professionalism and confidence in the eyes of our clients.”

“The Dreyfus team makes every shoot seamless. They look at every detail and plan everything in advance so the day of the shoot runs effortlessly. Dan’s lighting style and composition is what we appreciate. His photography brings our projects to another level.”

“I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your professionalism and quality work with the Saint Louis Symphony. Photographing the Orchestra is an enormous challenge, as it requires capturing the candid nature of live performance without disruption or distraction to the musicians. Our musicians found the experience to be truly enjoyable and the expertise and enthusiasm you brought to the job are unparalleled.”

“I received the pictures this morning and they are absolutely wonderful! These are the best pictures we have ever received! These will make a huge difference in the look of the article and the impression it will give to the world about UniGroup and it’s IT department.”

“Dan has the unique ability to make industrial environments look great. Without losing the essence of the hard work and determination that goes into the job, he highlights the people that make getting the work done possible.  Easy to work with and always prepared, Dan rolls with the punches and always surpasses my expectations.”

“I just looked at your photos of the puppeteer from Florence and was moved to write. Thank You! You really captured the spirit of an artist living out his love. I could imagine these photos in Smithsonian Magazine or National Geographic. Great Work!”

“Dan, thanks for a great job.  You pulled off some great images under difficult conditions.  While making ads is satisfying, making ads for The Boys & Girls Clubs are especially rewarding.  As always, it’s a pleasure working with you and your team.”

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