Light is our language. Direction, color and quality of light impact images in powerful ways. Light + Discovery Photo Workshops enhance participants’ understanding of light while exploring ways to deepen our perception of and connection to the subject.


Dan  Dreyfus
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Riverwind Farm

Saturday and Sunday – Fall 2024

Light + Discovery Photo Workshop – Riverwind Farm

We will meet Saturday morning at 10am at Riverwind Farm – a beautiful scenic drive on the Great River Road taking you along the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. Riverwind Farm is a spectacular place to photograph, explore, share images and stories, hike, sit on the deck and learn about and interact with alpacas.

Riverwind Farm is located in Hamburg, Illinois, 70 miles north of St. Louis. It is perched on a bluff overlooking the expansive Mississippi valley. Kathi Beyer owns and manages the alpaca farm, which supports a heard of 15 alpacas with their two Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs and a resident cat. She harvests the fiber that is then used in a number of products such as custom rugs, wall hangings, hats, socks, scarves and yarn. Participants will have the opportunity to photograph the alpacas, the gently rolling pastures where they graze, and the wooded hillsides throughout the farm.

The Light + Discovery Photo Workshops are presented in two segments. The first is an in-depth look at light to include the laws of light, directions of light, qualities and color of light, and the powerful impact each has on a photographic image. The segment on Discovery explores ways photographers can connect with the subject on a deeper level than first impressions. The workshop includes 2 days of photography instruction, shooting assignments, a visual scavenger hunt, friendly critiques, as well as lodging and four home cooked meals. It is limited to eight participants. If you have questions, would like to reserve a space, or would like an application form, please contact Dan at or call 314-852-6978, or Kathi at or call 314-401-3553.

Sycamore Plow Farm

Saturday and Sunday – Summer 2024

Light + Discovery Photo Workshop – Sycamore Plow Farm

We will meet Saturday morning at Eggers & Co. General Store and Bed & Breakfast in Farrar, Mo., just two hours from St. Louis. Built in 1896, this charming building is listed on The National Register of Historic Places.  The owners and hosts, Ellen and Steve Frye, will provide a tour, some history and homemade appetizers.

The 200-acre farm is nestled in the rolling hills of Perry County. After we turn off the county road and meander down the hill, across the creek and past the ancient elm tree, the farm comes into view. Ellen and Steve are avid vegetable and flower gardeners, keep honey bees, sheep, and a flock of chickens. The old barns, greenhouse, surrounding oak-hickory forests, fields, wildlife, pond and creek offer endless opportunities to explore and photograph. At dusk on Saturday we will enjoy a cookout at the farm and then return to the B&B for the night. We will continue shooting Sunday morning and plan to wrap by 4 pm.

The workshop includes 2 days of photography instruction, shooting assignments, a visual scavenger hunt, friendly critiques, as well as lodging and four home cooked meals. It is limited to eight participants. For more specific information, or to reserve a space, contact Dan at or call 314-852-6978.

To request an application form for this workshop e mail:

I thought your class out at Shaw Nature Reserve was really fantastic. You did one of the best jobs of talking about, and showing terrific examples of the different kinds of light – and I thought the assignments were excellent and challenging – in a very good way. Thanks again for everything – you are one of the top teachers I’ve seen yet in the Shaw Nature Reserve Photo Series.

I have participated a number of workshops including photo trips to Cuba and to the Tetons.
All of them were good but I did not take away as much from any one of them as I did from your workshop.
I appreciated the critiques; you made it a point to express your perspective in a teachable way. I really was able to take away the feeling that the process is the real fun and the final image is icing on the cake.

The Light and Discovery workshop exceeded my expectations. I expected some technical instruction on the qualities of light and how to use different types of light to enhance our images, but I did not expect Dan to be so inspirational in terms of encouraging us to slow down and follow our passion in photography, whether it is bird photography, portraiture, landscapes, or whatever. I left the workshop with a better understanding of how I can use different aspects of light to add interest and excitement to my images. I also came away with a renewed enthusiasm for bird and nature photography, which brings me such joy, thanks to Dan’s encouragement. The classroom setting was comfortable, and I have already recommended the Light and Discovery class to several of my friends. Thank you!

I’ve taken a ton of random photography classes and workshops over the years and Dan is the best teacher I’ve had. Dan is humble, and kind, which makes it very easy to be open and honest in his workshops.

What a fantastic workshop! Your instruction was on the mark and your images, as always, are stellar. Your artistry is evident and influences me more than you know.

Thank you for the beautiful book and your thoughtful inscription! We’re so thanklfuil and fortunate to have someone with your talent and kindness sharing your knowledge and skill at Shaw Nature Reserve. You’ve guided and inspired so many people and we thank you for being willing to continue to do that at the Nature Reserve! It’s a joy and an honor to work with you.

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